Sunshine Act, Transparency and Ethics: a Seminar Hosted by Gitti and Partners

Do you have a “Sunshine Act” in your jurisdiction? Any other piece of legislation that mandates that all interactions between the industry and health care professionals are made public?

Italy is about to enact one. You may find the proposed bill here.

In our seminar, which will be held on January 31 at 5 p.m. at our offices in via Dante 9, Milano (the full program can be found here) we will discuss how transparency and ethics interact. We will also ask ourselves how the behaviour of doctors, patients and life sciences’ companies may change following the introduction of the Sunshine Act, which promises disclosure of any exchange of value over €10. We will also ponder upon the use of the data rendered public by the media (see an interesting point of view here).

The topic of conflicts of interest seems especially “hot” these days, since Advamed just revised its code of ethics on interactions with US healthcare professionals and stories about conflicts of interest between doctors and industry continue to be in the media.

We look forward to this interesting opportunity of dialogue on a crucial aspect of healthcare.

About Paola Sangiovanni

Partner of GITTI and Partners. Seasoned transactional and regulatory legal counsel with a thorough understanding of the life sciences industry.

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